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Mr. and Miss Extraordinary

Our story

A few years ago, we began a special needs pageant, Mr. and Miss Extraordinary, in Lincoln, CAlifornia at the Lincoln High School Theater. FROM THE BEGINNING, THE goal HAS REMAINED THE SAME, TO reach out to the special needs community in order to celebrate the uniqueness and talents of these teens and young adults.

Growing up in PAGEANTRY, I had the opportunity to "experience the spotlight", hear the roar of the crowd, be royalty for the day and develop life long skills such public SPEAKING, HOW TO COMAND A ROOM, AND handle myself with poise and confidence. After discovering that the Sacramento and Placer County areas dIDn't OFFER PAGEANTRY FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, our team took action and in 2015 the Mr. and Miss Extraordinary Pageant was born. 

Here at Mr. and Miss Extraordinary we strive to bring awareness to THE special needs COMMUNITY while also focusing on the incredible gifts and accomplishments of our participants. BY having student leaders as volunteers, these individuals are able to bring recognition to this issue and make a different on campus and in the community by practicing inclusion, DEVELOPING LIFE LONG FRIENDSHIPS, and celebrating the EXTRAORDINARY qualities we all possess.